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Jobst Ultrasheer 8-15 Knee-Hi Silky Beige 4è - 6è Shoe size

Category: Compression Therapy

Knee High * Natural * Small * Shoe Size 4 1/ - 6 1/2 * 8-15 mmHg * With over 50 years experience in compression therapy Jobst is the market leader * Jobst makes your legs look as good as they feel! * Provides relief from tired aching legs * Reduces mild swelling * Helps improve circulation * Provides continuous relief from tired aching legs and mild swelling * Use gradient technology to help improve circulation and revitalize your legs especially when sitting or standing for long periods of time * Styles available are Knee High Pantyhose and Thigh High UltraSheer Knee-High * The perfect hosiery for any casual work or elegant occasions; as sheer as fine fashion hosiery yet incredibly durable * Fine yarns for a sheer look * Wide comfortable band that helps keep hosiery up * Sheer heel and reinforced toe for added durability *

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  • Weight: 0.2
  • Manufacturer SKU: 119328

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