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PATHWAY® Modular Ramps

Category: Ramps

With the PATHWAY® Modular Access System EZ-ACCESS provides a solution that is safe fast and efficient all while increasing accessibility to your home. The PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramp is designed  to provide the perfect option for residential settings when you’re looking for something more sturdy and permanent than a portable ramp. Made of durable aluminum this American-made modular system may be combined with stairs and platforms that can be configured in a variety of ways to provide a customized fit to your home. Powder coating options also available. Call customer service for additional information or click here to find your local dealer. Innovative Ramp Connectors
When connecting a PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramp to a platform the innovative connectors provide a smooth (bump-free) ramp-to-platform transition, eliminating trip hazards.

The handrails feature a gripping area that is 34" above the walking surface. Their brushed aluminum finish is architecturally designed for a clean, modern appearance.

The PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramps have no hardware that protrudes into the walk area and all ramps feature an extruded slip-resistant surface which will not wear down.

Self-Adjusting Bottom Transition Plate

The self-adjusting bottom transition plate on the PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramps provide a smooth ramp-to-ground transition on most surface types.

There are several options you can add to the PATHWAY® Modular Access System that are designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential market.
Available in sizes ranging from 11” to 56” the adjustable stair provides an alternative access point allowing for convenient entry for everyone that accesses the home.

Our manual gate provides additional safety at the top of the stairs or the beginning of a ramp run
Landing Pad
The 54” x 54”surface provides a safe and solid landing at the bottom of a ramp run. Ideal for use when a ramp ends in the grass or other soft surface. The landing pad eliminates the need for pouring a concrete pad

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