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SUITCASE® Trifold® As Ramp

Category: Ramps

The SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp – our largest portable ramp is offered in sizes ranging from 5- to-10-feet in length. Ideal for raised landings steps or larger vehicles. The portable tri-fold ramp features a unique 3-fold design an applied slip-resistant surface self-adjusting bottom transition plates for easy conversion from ramp to ground and can be separated into two individual sections. Explore the options specifications and features of the SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp to see if it meets your needs for accessibility. The Trifold® AS Ramp is also compatible with the Top Lip Extension (TLE).

Tri-fold Portable Ramp Design

The unique tri-fold portable ramp design of the SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp makes it easy to set up and easy to transport from place to place. This tri-fold portable ramp can separate into two easy-to-carry sections.

Slip-Resistant Portable Ramp Surface
The SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp offers an applied slip-resistant surface.

Interlocking Hinge
When operating the SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp, take notice of the interlocking hinge, designed for smoother operation and reduced pinch points.

Self-Adjusting Bottom Transition Plate
The SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp also features self-adjusting bottom transition plates, which adjusts the tri-fold portable ramp to most surfaces, making the SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp one of the safest portable ramps on the market.

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