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The Pathfinder Lift

Category: Patient Lift

The Pathfinder Lift

The Pathfinder pool lift features a sleek reversible design. Minimal moving parts make this compact lift easy to maintain.Capable of supporting 300lbs, the Pathfinder is our most affordable ADA compliant lift. This adaptable design allows for multiple installation options.  The Pathfinder pool lift upholds Aqua Creek’s high standards for durability and reliability. The design also features a built-in deep draft configuration. 

Features Include:
300 lb (136 kg) weight capacity
Set back range 14.5 to 16 in. (36.8 to 40.6 cm)
All stainless steel construction
Durable white powder coat finish
Water resistant push-button remote control
Rechargeable battery with wall mount charger
Two year electronics warranty
Two year structural warranty

Item Numbers:
F-900PL – Pathfinder Lift with anchor
F-902PL-NA – Pathfinder Lift no anchor
F-902PL-NA-R – Pathfinder Lift Reversed

Options and Accessories
Solar Charger  *  Headrest  *  Battery Charger  *  Pull-Out Leg Rest  *  Upgrade Pack  *  Anchors  *  Hand Remote Cover  *  Cycle Attachment  *  Battery  *  Control Box  *  Chest Strap  *  Electronics Cover  *  Transport Cart

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