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DonJoy SI Belt

Category: Braces & Supports

The DonJoy SI Joint Belt is a comfortable low profile device designed to provide compression and relieve pain around the sacrum region. It is made of a comfortable mesh material which is both durable and breathable. The pulley system in the back allows the user to customize the tension from the SI joint belt for more effective treatment. A single pulley adjusts the device over the SI joint region to reduce pain with everyday activities like walking and sitting. The panels are both low profile and can be worn underneath clothing for long periods of use.

SI Joint Belt Features:
-Compression panels provide fully adjustable support .
-Breathable "spacer" fabric liner provides enhanced comfort.
-Anti-migration strips prevent slippage.
-Three sizes available based on hip circumference measurements.
-Provides stability of the SI joint.
-Reduces strain on ligaments and decreases pain/swelling.

The lacer design compression system is the unique feature of each BOA product. The system utilizes a multiple tear-drop channel design in conjunction with a high-tension harness cord and one simple pull strap to effectively tighten the orthosis with minimal exertion, strength, grasp and body motion by the patient.

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